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The project consists of a Feasibility Study for a mass transit system between the municipalities of Hatillo and Bayamón. During the process, a corridor was established and a range of alternatives will be assessed in order to select the alternative that best serves the community and meets the needs of the area. This process will be conducted in accordance with state and federal public policies.


The construction of a Mass Transit System that will serve most of the northern municipalities is an initiative fully compatible with the country’s self-sustainable goals. Therefore, a direct mobile connection between the municipalities from Hatillo to Bayamón looks forward to serving a great number of people, thus reducing traffic congestion, especially in certain areas of the Jose de Diego Expressway along the corridor. In addition, a coordinated process of citizen involvement is fundamental to identify the people’s needs and to define the objectives of the project. Based on the issues discussed in the Problem Statement, eight goals have been established for the study. These will be used during the planning, development, screening, and evaluation of alternatives, and are as follows:

  • Improve the mobility and connectivity within the north-central region;
  • Improve inter-regional access;
  • Provide a major expansion to the capacity of the public transit service;
  • Improve the efficiency, convenience, and reliability of the public transit service;
  • Minimize the impacts on the environment;
  • Support the economic growth in the north-central region;
  • Reduce roadway congestion;
  • Serve as a feeder system to the existing Tren Urbano

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